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Mountain Shadows Golf Blog

Master Pitching and Chipping To Improve Your Golf Game

Mountain Shadows - Friday, March 09, 2012
Of course, only dedicated practice can help you become a better short-game player, but if you master the key elements of pitching and chipping, you'll discover an immediate improvement in your scores.

One element is to address the golf ball with a slightly open stance in relation to your intended target line and position the golf ball off of your front heel. Keep your weight on your heels for balance and your hands even with the ball (no need to forward-press). The takeaway should be in one piece, with the shoulders, arms, hands and club head moving together for the first 18 inches of the backswing. Your wrists should hinge soon after this point.

During the downswing, it's essential that you move your back knee toward the front knee as you transfer your weight to the right side (for right-handed golfers). At impact, your weight should be distributed evenly to both sides. The mental image of two cymbals placed on the inside of both knees clanging at the point of contact is one that helps many of my students attain a solid pitch impact position.
If you're having problems in any area of your golf game, don't hesitate to give the golf shop a call @ 480-905-8999 to schedule a golf lesson.

Marv Fridenmaker
Brian Obillo (Video Available)
Jesse Burghart (Video Available)
Patrick Lingruen
Eric Vanderbloeman

Creating a Powerful Swing

Mountain Shadows - Friday, February 03, 2012

Tip of the Month

There are many keys to a powerful swing, and my number-one focus is to establish a powerful backswing coil. Notice how my left arm is parallel to the ground while the shaft is perpendicular to it. This position indicates a massive turn away from the ball and not a simple lifting of the club to the top (you can see my entire body stretching and straining to get turned). The coil is further enhanced by my left foot, which is firmly on the ground. This limits the amount I can turn my hips while still allowing me to rotate my shoulders as much as possible.

Some other keys:

  1. I move the club with the body, not the hands.
  2. The legs solidly support the upper body.
  3. I combine a huge body turn with a short arm swing.
  4. A great combo: wide on the back, narrow on the way down.

If your having problems in any area of your golf game, don’t hesitate to give the golf shop a call at: 480-905-8999 to schedule a golf lesson.


Marv Fridenmaker
Brian Obillo (Video Available)
Jesse Burghart (Video Available)
Patrick Lingruen
Eric Vanderbloeman

Golf Conditioning

Mountain Shadows - Friday, March 19, 2010
   Golf conditioning is an important part of the game. If you want to be as good as you can be in this great game then you must condition yourself for it. All great athletes spend time outside of their chosen game preparing their mind and body and you should be no different. Most people do not think of golf as a game that requires a great deal of conditioning, but they are wrong. Golf, like any sport, is only made more enjoyable when the participant is in top form.

   Golf conditioning constitutes several key factors. Firstly is strength training. Golf is a game that requires total body strength, particularly core strength as this is where the power for a good swing comes. Time spent in resistance training, whether it be with weights, body weight exercises or suspension training, so long as you focus on your core strength you will see noticeable results in your swing speed, drive distance and endurance. Focusing on your shoulders, back, arms and legs will also help the golf enthusiast. Again, resistance training will provide the best golf conditioning for these muscle groups and help to add yards onto your drives.

   Cardiovascular exercise will also be critical to golf conditioning. A strong heart and lungs helps to sustain a golfer through all eighteen holes. Beyond the overall health benefits of maintaining a strong cardio vascular system such as lower cholesterol and less likeliness of heart disease, for a golfer it means playing strong through the entire course without a loss of strength or endurance. With proper golf conditioning, you can play the eighteenth hole like it was the first. To build up your cardio vascular health, engage in any physical activity that will elevate your heart rate for a sustained period of time. Even walking for a half hour will help to build heart strength and it will burn one hundred and thirty calories for most individuals. Better yet, running or swimming for a half hour or more will provide an even greater advantage and significantly boost performance on the golf course.

   Golf conditioning should be a part of every golfer’s routine for both a happier, healthier life and a better game on the links.

Group Golf Planning in Paradise Valley

Mountain Shadows - Friday, February 12, 2010
Group golf planning can often be a daunting prospect, but it does not have to be. With a little organization and forethought, a group golf outing can be not only fun for the participants but also for the organizer. The first step in group golf planning is deciding which venue you will be hosting your event at. Locate a course that meets all of your needs and that will provide an enjoyable, challenging course for your participants. The second step in group golf planning is to communicate with the golf course staff what your needs will be and what they should expect from you and your group. If you will want to host a luncheon or an awards ceremony at the end of your round, let the staff know and they can assist you in setting it up.

              Once you have determined where you will be hosting your event, the next step in group golf planning is to estimate the number of players you anticipate. This will help to determine which day of the week will work best for your event. It is easier to reserve large blocks of time on a course during the week, but if your golf group is smaller the weekend may work fine.

              The final step in group golf planning is determining the level of prize support you will have, if any. Will you be giving away any type of performance based awards such as lowest score, closest to the hole, or lowest group average? If so then it is essential to set up this prize support in advance and let the participants know about it in order to build anticipation. If any type of sponsorships are required then make sure to establish them well in advance. If your group golf plan is simply for fun and is not competitive, then this last step is not necessary. But in both cases, group golf planning requires that you make sure that all participants know where to show up and when the event begins. By following these easy steps you will ensure a smooth running, and enjoyable day on the links.  Click here to learn more about Mission Royale's  Group Golf Planning services.

Daily Fee Courses in Scottsdale

Mountain Shadows - Friday, February 05, 2010
Tired of paying exorbitant club fees? In these economic times a more accurate question would be: who isn’t tired of paying those outrageous club fees? The simple solution to this quandary if you live in Arizona is to look for daily fee courses in Scottsdale. They are easier to find than you think. Scottsdale has a wonderful selection of golf courses that charge their clients a lower, per game fee as opposed to a monthly or annual membership fee. The Mountain Shadows Country Club is a perfect example of this type of course.

The question that most often comes up in regards to daily fee courses in the Scottsdale area is: will you be losing out on quality if you choose to play at these locations? The resounding answer to that question is no. By saving money on staff and the frivolous clubhouse experience, these courses can focus their resources on providing the best golf experience for their discerning clientele. They then pass those savings on to you, the golfer. If you value a challenging, expertly maintained course over an opulent clubhouse scene, then these may be the right choice for you. Why pay an annual fee to then pay for overpriced food and drinks in a clubhouse? A serious golfer pays to play golf, and a smart golfer pays only for the golf course, not for all the side shows.

Come and experience what daily fee courses in Scottsdale have to offer. Set in the beautiful Arizona landscape, eighteen holes here will provide for an experience you will never forget. The Grand Canyon State is known for its beautiful, sunny days, and vast blue skies. A day spent soaking that all in while enjoying a round with friends is what the game is all about. To do that and save money, well, what more could any golfer ask for? Come experience the Mountain Shadows Golf Club country club atmosphere for public course prices.

Discount Golf in Arizona

Mountain Shadows - Thursday, January 21, 2010
Looking for discount golf in Arizona? Well the Grand Canyon State offers the price minded golf enthusiast a wide array of choices. Known for its stunning scenery and fantastic, sunny weather, Arizona is a golfer’s paradise. With an average of only seventy rainy days near Flagstaff to as little as fifteen in the Yuma area, the Copper State is a safe bet for a sunshine filled day on the course. You don’t have to sacrifice quality when looking for an affordable course if you know where to look.

Golf is not a cheap pastime, as we all know. With the expense of clubs, shoes, tees, balls, etc. the price for getting out on the course adds up quickly. So why compound this situation by paying exorbitant green fees? Arizona offers the opportunity for discount golf to mitigate these steep costs. The courses you will find in the southwest are top quality as well, with professional grounds men, courteous staff and views you won’t find anywhere else in the world. The contrast of deep green, well manicured fairways against the starkly beautiful desert landscapes full of oranges, purples and reds will take your breath away. Enjoying all of this under the warm Arizona sun will provide you with memories that will last long after your round is done.

When you combine the low cost of the courses with the wonderful weather and beautiful scenery they have to offer, there’s no reason to keep the clubs at home. Whether you are a local looking to improve your short game, or a visitor looking to get your eighteen hole fix while on the road, you can find the quality courses you are looking for at a price that won’t break the bank. Discount Golf in Arizona is the economic choice for the discerning golfer.
Mountain Shadows offer wonderful discount golf opportunities.